Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Making of Love Story Part 2

Tiffany was thinking at the time Joe sent his e-mail that he was a little crazy for wanting to court her. He was younger than she was, seemed too immature, and his personality didn't seem to be what she looking for in a guy. Tiffany showed the e-mail to her parents and in her mind, that was the end of it and the answer was no. Life went on. About a month and a half later, Tiffany decides to read a book called Get Married by Candice Watters, and that changed the whole universe. She can't give a specific chapter or paragraph or sentence from the book where she can say that that's what made her change mind, but overall, it showed her some of the misconceptions that she had been adhering to. In her mind (yes, the narrator does know what her mind was thinking), she had this picture of the perfect guy, and she wasn't about to accept anything less than perfect! This guy had to have the perfect personality, and the perfect age, and the perfect level of maturity. It was as if she was dreaming of a fantasy type person, and I 'knew' that this fantasy guy was the only right one for her. Well, the Lord used the book to open Tiffany's eyes to the fact that here was a perfect opportunity, and was being completely stupid not to take it! There was no real reason keeping her from at least checking things out and seeing if this could be *the* guy. Maybe Joe wasn't as immature as she thought, and maybe his personality is what she really wanted, and maybe being younger didn't matter so much. So that's when she told her parents that she had changed her mind, and would like to accept Joe's offer of courtship.

Joe got wind of Tiffany’s decision and her interest in pursuing a courtship, but was told to wait until Tiffany’s dad talked to him. After what seemed like ages, her dad took Joe aside and had a good talk with him. Her dad told him about Tiffany’s desire to pursue a courtship, and his desire that Joe spend more time with him to get to know him better. Over the course of a couple months, Joe met with Tiffany’s dad in various places including Civil Air Patrol, going out to dinner, and even going on a flight with him! Joe also went out to dinner with both Tiffany’s parents and his own. Their families got to know each other better, and Joe and Tiffany got a chance to ask some important questions. For example, Tiffany found out Joe DETESTS green beans, and Joe found out that Tiffany LOVES to organize! This went on for about four months, with Joe coming over and spending time at Tiffany’s house, and Tiffany doing the same at Joe’s. They both were beginning to feel that they were very close in their beliefs, views on family, likes/dislikes, and many other things. Tiffany began to feel more and more like Joe was the one that she wanted to spend her life with and Joe, well, he was terribly smitten from the beginning. One day Joe talked to Tiffany’s dad and asked him for his permission to marry his daughter. He, having considered Joe for an adequate time now, gave his consent. Joe planned an elaborate scheme to ask Tiffany when she least expected it, but yet make it very special and quite memorable.

 Joe took Tiffany flying July 17, 2011 and she actually got to fly the plane by herself, believe it or not!! After flying around a bit, Joe asked Tiffany if she would like to fly over his house and look at it from the air. She said sure, but was getting kind of queasy. As they're flying over, Joe says, “Tiffany, if you look in the field, you can see a message.” So Tiffany starts looking out the window trying to see the message, but she can't find it at first, so she turns back towards Joe, and he's holding the ring box open and asks her over the airplane intercom, “Tiffany Kaye, will you marry me?” She looked at him with her pale, sick, yet happy face and said emphatically, “Yes, I will!” right then and there in the air while he's flying the plane! He circles back around the house so Tiffany can try to get a glimpse of the message, and she's finally able see what Joe made on the ground! It said...

 He had weedeated the grass the day before so Tiffany could see it from the air! She thought it was pretty awesome! After landing and getting the plane tied down and in order, Joe and Tiffany (along with Tiffany's sister Brittany) go back to the terminal and Joe has a vase of a dozen roses waiting for Tiff. She absolutely loved them and thought that they smelled and looked gorgeous! They get some pictures taken, and then Joe takes Tiffany out to lunch with both of their families to Olive Garden. For Tiffany, it was full of surprises! She had her suspicions about Joe proposing and about meeting their families at the restaurant (she had overheard her dad talking with Joe one night on the phone, hehe), but she had no idea Joe would propose like that or that he'd have flowers or where everyone would eat. They both thought the whole day was completely perfect in every way. 

~The End(ish)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Making of a Love Story Part 1

Once upon a Skype conversation....yes, it really did start with Skype (for those of you who are a little behind the times and don't know what Skype is, Google it. ;) ).  Joe's sister Aubrey was skyping Tiffany one day, at a time when both of their brothers were away for two weeks helping a crop duster at his hanger. Aubrey was using Joe's Skype account that day for some reason instead of her own, and the conversation was about how much they were missing their brothers...

Tiffany: I miss Bobby. I don't like it when he's gone.

Aubrey: I don't like it when Joe's gone either. Mom says  I have to get used to it though, he's getting to the age where he will get a wife and and a new life.

Tiffany: But won't that be a while yet?

Aubrey: Depends on the Lord, depends on whether he gets a job, depends on the girl, depends on a lot of things.

Tiffany: *nods*

Aubrey: Are you going to submit your application? ;)

Tiffany: :P  I don't have an application.

At the time, Tiffany thought Aubrey was crazy. She was a little shocked Aubrey would ask her such a thing! Nothing else was said about it though as they moved on to other small talk. Joe and Bobby got back from their extended trip, and Joe had apparently been having thoughts of his own. Low and behold, he knew that his sister had used his Skype.

Joe: Aubrey was using my Skype while I was gone!

Tiffany: lol, yes, she was.

 Joe:  I didn't know they were accepting applications for me!!!

Tiffany: lol! Sneaky, sneaky.

Joe: lol, I wonder who has applied.

Tiffany: I don't know. She didn't tell me about it. ;)

Joe: She asked you if you were applying

(By this time, Tiffany is thinking, This guy is crazy!)

Tiffany: Yeah, and I said I didn't have an application... :P

Joe: I wonder where you pick those up...

Tiffany: lol (Are you kidding me? What is he thinking?!?)

A few days later, Joe sends Tiffany an email asking if she would be interested in pursuing a courtship.  Tiffany took the email to her parents, and then replied to Joe's email, stating in no uncertain terms, that she was not interested.